Water Troubles

Upon entering the wine cellar, the players discover the source of the demons as a blue portal. The players inter it and find themselves in a large underground cavern. After disposing of a couple of orcs, they make their way to a cavern with a large pool. After the Druid nearly drowns, the players swim as fast as they can across, running from the creatures underwater. There they finally confront the Orc Sorcerer responsible for the towns attacks. The mother of Vigazi has lost a pact with the Orc god Dredra to sacrifice her children. Vigazi never met that fate, and now her mother is determined to remedy that problem. But first they have to get through the heroes.

Demon Interuppted.

In late afternoon the heroes stumble upon a half orc lady being attacked by many winged demons. Bodies of an earlier battle lay all about. The boys quickly dispatch the enemies and get talked into bringing the bodies into town for a proper burial. Vegazi the half orc accompanies the heroes into town where they meet the mayor who thanks them for bringing back the bodies of the fallen soldiers. He then offers them to rest up in the local inn and promises to meet them in the morning. After just kicking back in their rooms the heroes are ambushed by more winged demons. A fire quickly starts but is promptly put out and the demons vanquished. But the inn’s owner has seen something evil move into her wine cellar in the basement and begs the heroes to investigate before her stock is ruined……what you find down there is horrifying…………………………………..

Updated map and Location.

Check out the maps section and the flag I put on there. This will give you info on the town you will be at for the campaign.

Play date?

Anyone up to play next week? What time is good for everyone? This time we will start to dive deeper into the that everyone got their feet wet.

A kiss from a rose..

Our heroes minding their own business in a local tavern…were recruited by a man by the name of “Bobby” to check out a series of mutilations in the nearby farms. This lead the group into a underground cavern where they discovered they were setup and tested to join a blood cult. Using their skills and knowledge the heroes took down a devil and resisted the cults power!

Do you want to play a game?

Lets play this weekend..who is up for it? And what time? I want to get this shit rolling…….

Pathfinder Core Book.

Here is the core rule book pdf for you all..if you don’t have the book yet. Please look over the race and classes so you can determine what you want to be… Let us know here what your leaning towards to have a good balanced group.


Play time?

We need to find a time to play…We got permission to play at here at work. So what day will be good for everyone…I think we can play at least once a month..if not more. Right now Friday night or Sunday mornings are the fave.

Pathfinder goodness.

Hey guys..this will be our page for our game. For those who never played..Pathfinder is a spinoff of the DnD 3rd edition rules that came out in 2000. DnD is now on 5th edition which is very similar only very much streamlined. Pathfinder is the largest TableTop right now with crap load of content. Dont be scared, the rules and game will come to you as we play. The system is based around a D20 for most of your rolls.
I suggest everyone has a copy of this BOOK You can get it at any bookstores or the pdf for 10$ on the website.

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